Shop Front Repairs in Blackburn

On February 21, 2013, in Joinery, Maintenance, by joinerbuilder
Shop Fascia Repairs at Bloom Hearing Specialists, Darwen Street, Blackburn, Lancashire.

A change of colour scheme for the Blackburn & Lancaster branches of Bloom Hearing Specialists brought to attention the fact that some of the wooden shop fronts were showing the signs of age and had started to rot at the lower levels. This is usually a case of splash-back of rain from the pavement..

At the Blackburn branch, it was found that the window sill was not rotten, but the paneling beneath required replacement, as well as the feet of the two pilasters, one either side.

The style and moulding was faithfully reproduced with new materials, and the new work was given a coat of wood primer to provide protection before the contract painters came to redecorate the whole lot.

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