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Shop Fitting Preston, Blackburn & Clitheroe

Shop Front Maintenance in Lancaster.

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Shop Fitting Preston, Blackburn & Clitheroe. The second of two jobs done for Bloom Hearing Specialists, this time in Lancaster.

The site survey revealed a rotten window sill, with rot spreading to the foot of the stiles. Equally, the pilasters were in need of replacement. Note was taken of the style to allow for a faithful reproduction.

Shop Fitting Preston, Blackburn & Clitheroe

A shop front in need of repair in Lancaster

Shop Fitting Preston, Blackburn & Clitheroe

To avoid the expense of replacing the whole window, the rotten sill was removed, with the intention of splicing an new sill in its position, with further three further splices to the bottom of the stiles. Upon removing the rotten sill the cause of the problem was revealed. The original sill was still there, and whilst the shop fascia had been improved, the rotten wood had not been removed, eventually causing the rot we were here to replace. Therefore it would be necessary to fit a new sill to match the remaining portion.

Shop Fitting Preston, Blackburn & Clitheroe

The pilasters were reproduced and the stiles were spliced with new wood. The stonework beneath the window was repointed.

Joinery. Shop Front Repair

Splicing a Window Sill. Professional Joinery in Lancashire.

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