Garden Gate Joinery & Maintenance, Preston, Lancashire

Cost Effective Joinery & Maintenance

This garden gate is a classic design. It’s a batten gate, ledged and braced. The gate is made of eight, six-feet-long, 4″x ¾” battens, held together by two ledges, top & bottom, and braced diagonally.

This historic design is the blueprint for many doors today, often with the edition of an extra ledge, and usually with the ledges morticed into tenons on two vertical stiles, but the basic principle is the same: the ledges hold the battens in place, and the brace transfers the weight from the side with the latch to the bottom hinge.

Joinery, Batten Gate, near Blackburn

Joinery Maintenance: A battened, ledged and braced gate. Ribchester, Preston.

The gate posts are 75mmx75mm (3″x3″) fencing posts, each fixed with three M12, 140mm through-bolts, so there’s 70mm of fixing in the walls. On one side, the previous post had been let into the render of the house wall. This channel needed widening to allow the 3″x3″ post in, as we were replacing a hardwood 3″x3″ post which had been planed, unlike our rough sawn timber.

All the timbers used by Marcus Whitehead Property Services come from responsibly managed resources which have active replantation programmes (70% FSC Certified) to replenish the harvested timber. By adding the most environmentally advanced and effective preservative treatment the service life of the gate is vastly increased, ensuring we are making the most out of the timber.

It is the tanalising process that gives the wood it greenish hue. This fades of the course of a few seasons into an even more attractive silver-grey. All the screws used are stainless steel, so there will be no discolouration (unlike that which can be seen running down the render from the boiler outlet!)

Joinery, Batten Gate, near Preston

Joinery Maintenance: A battened, ledged and braced gate. Ribchester, Preston.

Getting a gate to fit an opening is one thing, but getting the hardware to operate in the way it is intended is another.

Take a look at this video. A good joiner will always make sure that the sneck slides smoothly into its keeper, so that the gate closes itself when given a gentle push.

This gate was made & fitted by Marcus Whitehead Property Services in Ribchester, in between Preston & Blackburn, Lancashire.


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